Critical Illness Facts

Cancer Is The Leading Cause Of Death

Cancer cases have been rising over the years. In fact, 1 in 5 people living in Singapore may develop Cancer in their lifetime with an alarming 60% increase in those diagnosed with skin cancer under the age of 50.

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Rising Healthcare Cost

Your Savings May Just Not Be Enough

With rising healthcare cost in Singapore, Critical Illness Protect360 helps ensures families can focus on recovery. Payout of the plan can also be used to cover the income loss during medical treatment and recovery.

Critical Illness Protect360 Benefits

Critical Illness Protect360 helps ensure that the families can focus on recovery in the event of an illness or death. The affordable cost and ease of securing a critical illness insurance policy makes this very important decision a simple one.

Financial Protection Against Illness

Eliminate Financial Concerns with Critical Illness Coverage

Do you know that 1 in 5 Singaporeans may develop Cancer in their lifetime? Get high coverage of up to S$2 million for all 37 critical illnesses such as Heart Attack, late stage Cancer and Stroke.


High Personal Accident Coverage

Preparedness is the Best Protection for Your Loved Ones

Accidents do happen when you least expect them. Receive financial support of up to S$2 million in the event of an Accidental Death or Permanent Disablement.

Annual Health Screening

Facilitate Healthy Living

Critical Illness Protect360 provides all its policyholders with a free health screening once a year at our medical panel to make the protection complete.


Medical Second Opinion

Making the Best Decisions for a Peace of Mind

It is always useful to seek a second opinion to assist in making informed decisions about possible medical options. Critical Illness Protect360 provides a wide panel of specialists in Singapore for consultations on second opinions. The cost of the second opinion consultation will be borne by HL Assurance.

How Critical Illness Protect360 Works

John is 47 years old, a smoker and is the sole breadwinner for his family of four. His children are all studying and his wife stays at home to take care of his aging parents. He decides to purchase Critical Illness Protect360 which offers him annual free health screening and financial protection should a critical illness happen to him.

Benefits of Critical Illness Protect360

Critical Illness Protect360 is an affordable plan which provides you with financial protection against illness to ensure that your family can focus on what is more important – your treatment and recovery.


High Critical Illness Coverage


High Personal Accident Coverage


Medical Second Opinion


Annual Health Screening

Why You Should Choose Critical Illness Protect360?

  Excellent Customer Service

Customer Review by Hann Bin Lim

HL Assurance service is really top notched! Their customer service staff was very patient to explain the details and even offered to change certain areas in the policy to suit my needs. I am thoroughly satisfied and certain I made the right choice.

  Professional and Prompt Service

Customer Review by Shon Yap

Thank you for the personalised service and prompt attention. Most of all, your professionalism and going out of your way to help customers inspire trust in HL. Keep up the good work.

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